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4 done, 1 to go!

I woke up at least 3 times last night to check the time wondering whether I missed my alarm only to find out that I’d more time to sleep till 4 o’clock. Then, before my alarm rung again, I switched it off because I was so tired to wait for it to ring. For once in a blue moon, I was not frowning to get up early on a Monday morning. I wanted to study badly for my today’s papers as I’d spent my whole Sunday preparing classic notes.

As I started to study for today’s exam I realized there is so much of content that I’ve gathered and I need at least half an hour more before my exam started. I was literally scared before the bell rung and until I saw what the question paper had in it. I was relieved to see the first question as it was the last thing I saw before putting my notes in my bag. *Yes!* & you know how a certain good thing can be followed by other good things! Both the papers were awesome and I was happy that I could write what I wanted to write.

I hope tomorrow’s paper will be good enough.

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