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I go to the chemist,

The one right around the corner,

Hoping I could get something,

For the emptiness I’ve been feeling lately.

I step in with a cheerful smile,

Looking for positivity,

All this while,

But, when I tell the chemist,

What I want,

He looks at me,

Like he has been warned,

Of someone like me,

Walking in on a Thursday evening,

Asking for something,

Without a prescription,

Or without even rumbling.

He shakes his head,

Says he can’t sell it to me anymore,

Asking why,

I offer him double the price,

Without budging he kicks me out,

But all I wanted was,

A dose of love,

I haven’t had,

Since last October,

So, tell me if you have a chemist around,

From where I can get a dose,

To fall in love throughout.


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