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Eyes have got the ability of sense to see the world as it is or in the way the mind pretends it to see it.

More often than not, the eyes can depict your personality or the way you think about something.

It’s scary when you can see more than the person’s eyes. As if the person becomes transparent when you both look into each other’s eyes. Like a x-ray machine. X-raying the thoughts, the vulnerability and the magic in them.

I’ve seen people who’ve become something more than they wanted to be just by the way they look into my eyes.

I’ve sensed the fear in their eyes, but the intensity of not letting me go overpowering it.

Yet, when I see the same eyes again captured in the moment, I could see the fear and I wonder, why at that time, I couldn’t understand this very thing which I know now?

Although, the same eyes today, seem empty as if the soul has been sucked out of it mercilessly.

Photo Credits: Pinterest


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