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A Day After Raksha Bandhan

You promise to protect her.

Save her from all the pain of the world.

Then, where does that pride of brotherhood go when she gets cat-called by men when she walks down the road in not so revealing clothes?

Where do the promises go of saving her when you forget that she might be someone’s sister and her brother is at a failure because of the cheap comments you mutter under your breath but loud enough for her to hear and then ignore?

Where do you hide yourself when she is bold enough to shout back at the perverts and all you can do is to glare at her audacity to abuse in public?

Where do the promises of the auspicious bandhan go after the sun sets, after some drinks, after some friendly talk?

If you can do this to her, remember, some brother from another mother will do this with your sister.

Not that she needs saving. She has had enough of it today. Yet, not enough to make her feel safe.

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