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A day of memories~

I call it a trait in myself because I like to click photos but I don’t like to see them ever again! And today, since morning I’m stumbling across one or the other old pictures of myself, my friends, family and of other things too. Along with those pictures come numerous memories which makes me feel even worse. Worse because, I want all the people in the photograph to be with me forever but many of them aren’t even talking to me on this very day. Which hurts badly. There were days of happiness and photographs and now are days of only memories and remembering what we used to be, what we used to talk about and what made us laugh. I remember each and every thing, which is another trait of mine. Then, I ask myself, can’t we be like before? Now, if anyone reads my blog, should answer my question that do you ever feel the way I do? Or, what do you suggest me to do in this state?

P. S.: I’m not changed. I’m still here to talk to everyone. #IYKWIM


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