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Aamir and Heer

“…are you even listening to me?”





“What happened, Aamir!? Why are you shouting? I’m sitting next to you!”

“It doesn’t seem like that though. You look like you’re someplace else. With someone else. As if you’re bored being with me.”

“I was somewhere else, sure. Sitting behind a bike and riding under lush green canopy of trees under the bright blue sky with my arms out hugging the air and breathing the nature in its absolute glory.”

“Sounds like you were living in a song.”

“Yessss, exactly that! I was living in the song. This very song that’s playing on the radio. You know that feeling when you feel like you’re in the video of the song playing in the background? It felt like that.”

“Well, I don’t know who were you with in your imaginary video but, we’re officially stuck here. There’s a crash ahead and there’s no way this car is moving from here for at least an hour.”

“I was with you, babe. Who else I would be stuck with even in my imagination?”

“You make it sound like you don’t want to be stuck with me?”

“Hmmm. Let me see how to answer this.”

“Say, sayyyy, I’m waiting.”

“If I didn’t want to be stuck with you here, I would have told you that you’re taking the wrong turn from the signal and there’s a crash ahead and there’ll be no turning back anytime soon. But, I didn’t.”

“Oh. So you knew there was a crash here?”

“They announced it on the radio, Aamir and you heard it because you increased the volume right then.”

“And you didn’t say anything. Hmmmmm. Why is that?”

“Maybe because I wanted to be stuck with you as much as you wanted to be stuck with me.”

“I seeee. Now, what?”

“Now, this sounds like a music video. Which song do you want it to be?”

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