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Around The World and Life

In this long, long, run,

Around the world and life,

We all are running in our lanes,

Some faster,

Some slower.

You start slow,

At your own pace,

Finding runners,

In their own stride,

Matching with your rhythm,

Of your heartbeats,


Ahead in world and life.

Suddenly then,

They want to pace off,

Or slow down,

Letting you go,

In your own ground,

Running alone,

For a while then,

Coming back,

Asking what’s up, men?

You share your story,

About the paths you crossed,

Discuss few accolades,

And other runner’s whereabouts.

Surprisingly, you know about them all,

‘Cause you’re the one really crawling out,

Around the world and life.

You tell them their routes and places,

They tell you they’re chasing them now,

Giving a hi-fi to you they,

Start running away from your sound,

Of humming, singing, creating,

Songs as you run,

As everyone keep asking you,

Whereabouts of everyone.

Around the world and life.

You think then are you the last one,

When runners stop coming your way,

Or you’re just ahead of everyone,

Around the world and life anyway.

It’s scary to be left out,

Remember, you can’t stop and stay.

It’s scary to lead the way too,

What if you lead them the wrong way?

Only if we could run together,

Singing all the way,

Songs of Señoritas dancing,

Around the world and life today.

image from resplash.

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