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Crushes and blah~

Perks of having a crush on a person who’s not actively active on social media:

  1. You cannot have a bigger crush on him as: (a) You may not find the latest image of him so that you can save it and look at him every now and then. (b) You may not know what he likes and dislikes preventing you from going mad about his favorites and non-favorites.

  2. You cannot confirm whether he’s single or not. *Keep guessing*

  3. You cannot know whether he likes dogs, cats, pandas, dolphins, snakes, monitor lizards, sharks or babies.

  4. You cannot know what he’s doing on Holi, Diwali, New Year, Birthdays or generally everyday.

  5. You won’t stalk him much because you would know a-z about his profile.

Don’t worry, your crush will be over by one or two phases of the moon.


P.S.: Actively active here implies he sees what everyone’s posting but won’t post something himself.


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