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Different yet Same 

​Well, you call the situation different; better than before and containing much more constituents than the last time. Yet the fear of fully achieving the goal is unchanged.

It all feels good, better even the second time when a certain feeling comes back. It is not haunting your mind but makes you feel at peace. It is a feeling when you feel calm despite the numerous problems you might be facing. It gives you a sense of positivity that even the impossible can become possible. This feeling is felt by you before but not in the same manner. This time it is slightly different than the last time and it certainly feels a notch up than the last time.

Why then the fear you had the last time haunts you like before or dare I say, haunts you a notch higher than before. The fear of uncertainties caused by over thinking at most of the times but sometimes because you know how are the similar situations going to end. Abruptly. The fear is not because it is happening or what is causing it to happen but because of the way it might end. You are not even sure whether it has started or not but you fear the end it might have. For which, you might not be ready yet. Again. It’s tough to lose the fear but winning over it is the only solution.

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