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Don’t (Let Go) 

​I often think of giving up on you and letting you go. Letting go was something I did not understand before and was unable to do it too. But, eventually with time, I’ve realised that it is not easy but it is important to make certain you don’t fall insanely in love with a person and it becomes extremely impossible to imagine your life without them.

Now, it is much easier letting go of people because I tell myself not to get too much attached to anyone. But, when I think of letting you go, a thought makes me stop the whole plan of action. The thought that you were actually made for me and maybe this is not the time the universe wants us to know that. Letting you go will not make it happen. The thought that you will be always be misunderstood by people and you didn’t even give me a chance to understand you. The thought that some magic will happen despite I think that the magic thinks of me as an invisible person.

First it was how to let someone go and now it is whether I should let someone go.


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