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Everything Led To One Thing

Everything he said led to just one thing, to not hold on to him when the night was long, cold and dark.

To listen to him but not hear him as he gave a logical reason to something illogical and added “it’s because I’m a fire zodiac sign” for dramatic effect.

As he held my hand while we watched the moon set behind the horizon and wondered where the Big Dipper is while we actually found a shooting star and instantly look at each other with the same excitement and thrill that we squeezed our eyes shut and held our hands tighter as we wished for something more than the moment we were living in.

Everything we did led to one thing, to hold on to each other but not so tightly that we couldn’t spread our wings to fly.

Ignoring the fact that we could fly together if we wanted to. We could hold each other and not hurt too. We could say what we wanted to and not blame it on our zodiacs and we could be in the moment, now and the next one, because it felt too right and too wrong to let it go without seizing it.


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