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First Day of College

The moment I entered my college building for the very first time, I was fascinated to see the big poster of Ganesha and I could feel positivity all around me. I wonder of anyone else could feel it!

As I walked inside, I looked around to see a huge building which was not a normal building, but it was architecturally beautiful. I could see the colorful roofs of the 5th, 6th and 7th floor and the way everyone felt happy being at that place.

The funny thing about my first day of college was, it wasn’t my first day of college, but it was! Actually, I was coming to college a week late because I didn’t know when my college had started! So, the first day of the second well was actually the first day of my college. As I was a week late, I didn’t know where my classes were or where I was supposed to go, I asked one of the watchmen about where were the FY- BMM classes going on. I don’t remember him frown or anything but I remember that he must have told me to go on 6th floor because that’s where I got in my class and sat for my first lecture.

I’d expected a lot of students, already into groups, settling with one another and laughing on the jokes which I didn’t understand and that’s what was reality. I didn’t feel bad for myself being so out of place because I’d told myself that for the next 3 years, these are the people you’ve to be with, talk with, laugh with, make assignments with and these people will make your next 3 years happening.

The first day of my college was not one of those days where any tragedy happened or I was ragged by my seniors but it was certainly not a day to be forgotten so easily. After all, it was my first day at college.

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