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Borders Of Home

"These borders that are built,

Of faith, humanity and hope,

Will crumble one day,

And when that day arrives,

There'll be no place to call home."

Image Courtesy: BBC News / Reuters

There are some photographs that are meant to break your heart and this is one such moment that reminds us that we are so far away from this reality of the world. In this moment, the parents are handing over their baby to the US soldiers at the border. Since all borders are closed and there's no way out, this baby's future is uncertain. Like this infant, there'll be so many children who would lose their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, friends, homes, traditions and cultures. This is not just a displacement of power at the centre, it is displacement of foundations that were laid by generations to call a place their home. This is not just shaking the foundations, it is uprooting everything that once claimed to be life.


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