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Hardest/Easiest Test

It’s draining going through the same situation over and over again and not being able to learn the lesson yet.

Why is it that world is moving to new places and you are still stuck on the same block all these years? Because, you didn’t realize that everything/everyone else has been moving on, without or without you.

Why is it that you can’t book your favourite singer’s concert tickets? Because, you always want to share the moment with someone but you don’t realize that people have been enjoying many such special moments without you till now.

Why is that you haven’t yet seen your favourite batsman play in one the world’s favourite stadium? Because, you always had some or the other reason to not be in the stands when he hits sixes to make his team win or you haven’t yet realized that you haven’t got enough chances to catch those sixes and now he might retire in a few months.

Why is that you hold on to do things which you would have loved to do only if you could share it with someone. But, you haven’t realized that someone/anyone is not going to be there and you should just go out and enjoy the moments by yourself.

Seems like this is the hardest/easiest test ever.


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