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Hold On- Let Go 

Holding on to something which you should have let go a long time ago or should not have held altogether is like holding a cactus. Your palms cover the cactus completely, your fingers encircled the thorny stems which seep tiny blots of blood out of your tender skin.

You cannot hold it anymore because the pain is excruciating but you cannot leave it too because you know that once you leave it, the thorns will break off the cactus and will stick on your hand increasing the pain by manifolds.

It’s such a grave situation to be in. The decision to be made is not tough. You’ve to let the cactus go even though it bears flowers which smell like heaven but the trance which the fragrance puts you in is hard to come out from. It’s grave because you don’t want to let go but you cannot hold on to it too.

Read Blue here.

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