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I jumped off the train!

Caution: Do not attempt this act. It could cause you harm. No, it’s not a suicide!

It is raining incessantly in Mumbai since last few days and eventually the life line of Mumbai had to get affected. Yesterday, the trains on the central line were running with a delay of 30 minutes and this morning every Mumbaikar had expected to find crowded trains with a delay of minimum 15 minutes. But, to everyone’s surprise, the trains were on time. Or, at least my train was on time!

My day started with attending lectures at 8 in the morning (even though it started at 9!)  and then I’d decided to come back home ASAP because I just wanted to be at home today! So, I left college by 11 and caught a Dombivli Slow train from Vidyavihar. I had a feeling that I should get down at Ghatkopar or Thane to catch a fast local but I didn’t do that; I don’t know why! So, as I was about to reach Dombivli, my train halted due to no signal and I saw a Karjat Fast going with desperation in my eyes. 15 minutes later, I was still in the Dombivali local which was just a 100 meters away from the station, halted. It was given a red signal because a train had derailed at Kalyan station and rain and blah blah.

Then, I saw Ambernath fast arriving at Dombivli station and I told my fellow passengers that I’m going to catch that train anyhow! Meanwhile, few of the passengers from my train were getting down and walking towards the station; few of them were women and children who wanted to reach their schools for their examination. Thus, when I saw Ambernath Fast approaching, I sat down on the edge of the door told myself, “land on both of your feet and don’t break your head!”, took a deep breath and jumped down. Luckily the Ambernath Fast was stopped too just before it entered the station, I walked towards the Ladies First Class and climbed up smilingly.

I never felt so proud of myself and amazed too by doing such a thing.

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