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I’ll Write You In History

I’ll write you in history,

Which people will read for generations,

And wonder who was he after all?

The one she never mentioned.

I’ll write about your smiles,

Which made dried flowers bloom,

I’ll write about the laughter,

The one that still echos in my heart.

I’ll write about those eyes,

Which spoke to me in poetry,

I’ll write about your lips,

Forever tasting like love.

I’ll write about the never ending,

Songs we danced on.

I’ll write about the nights,

When we couldn’t put the lights on.

I’ll write about the sunsets,

And the sunrises we saw,

I’ll write about all the days,

And the nights in awe.

I’ll write you in history,

For the generations to read,

But never mention your name,

To keep your all mine with greed.


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