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Sometimes you don’t really understand the amount of time you are investing in something until it gets over.

It’s the same with people. In fact, we don’t really know how much time we invest in the people in our life. Is there something in which we could measure the amount of emotions, feelings, love, we invested in people? Certainly, time is a thing. Say for example, you invested a week for a person. I ask you, was that person some kind of project for you that you invested time in it? I hope not.

The investment doesn’t really bothers oneself until the return on investment is coming. Once it stops coming, then the investment seems like a loss. Then you think whether you should have invested in that person or not? Whether you should​ have spent less time with them, said few things, clicked less photos and so on?

Until we regret over things, the investments would feel in a loss every time. Stop regretting. Invest. Live. Love. Enjoy.

You might get a bonus! 😉

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