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Jhumkas & Unexpected Questions

I don’t know if he finished his education,

Or I don’t know if he ever went to school,

But, the one question he asked me today,

Was certainly out of the blue.

He sells jhumkas,

Under the hot scorching sun,

Who would have expected a punch,

Out of nowhere?

Going through the variety he had,

I picked the one I liked,

He said, don’t, please don’t, not that one,

I questioned him why.

He said, he only has a single earring,

The other one is missing.

I sighed but started looking for another.

He, though, asked me,

Why do we always want something we can’t have?

I, stumped at this question, laughed.

Replying, isn’t that how life functions?

He agreed yet asked me,

But, why don’t we take what is available for us?

To which I didn’t have an answer myself.

I picked two jhumkas,

Bargained for it,

And told the guy,

To keep hoping,

One day he’ll get what he wants,

To which he denied and said,

He never has but he has hope,

That he might.

As I write about it now,

I wonder what made him ask me that question?

The fact that I’m hoping for something I can’t have,

Or I’m over seeing something which is already mine.

Can’t say anything for the decrypted messages of the universe.


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