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Just The Knee

For the fourth time,

I hurt my knee again today.

At the same spot, ironic, I say!

So, even though I am twenty something today,

I went to my mom crying,

Not just because I hurt my knee,

But because, how the wound on the knee,

Triggered so much pain that I was hiding from her and the world.

Maybe, I thought, maybe,

If I cry because of this wound,

She’ll know I’m sad,

For I’ve been hiding my sore eyes,

By not looking in hers,

Which keep on searching for some affection,

I don’t know how to give,

Because, I don’t know how to say,

About how much everything is hurting me.

But, mom, look, I hurt myself,

Look, I’m in pain,

Tell me, it’ll get better,

And it’ll not hurt again.

Look, in these eyes,

That can’t hold these tears anymore,

Look, mom, I’m hurt,

So much more than I can hold.

So, I cry, as she looks at me,

Probably wondering if the wound hurts so much,

Yes, mom, it does,

It’s deeper than it looks, I say.

The medicine that she puts,

Usually burns as they all say,

But it didn’t burn me,

Because I’m too hurt from within today.

So, mom, yeah, I’m fine,

It’s just the knee why I’m crying.

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