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Not a Small Place 

I keep bumping into people from my past all the time. People from my school who I’ve not seen in nearly 6 years. People from coaching classes, who never tried to be in touch with me after I stopped attending the classes. People from junior college, who I never assumed to be my friends at all. People from I don’t even remember where who are just there in the world existing just like you and might read my blogs if they’re my friends on Facebook.

The world is such a small place, I think every time I see a familiar face who recognizes me too and makes an effort to ask me about my whereabouts. But then I think if it is really a small place then why haven’t I bumped into you yet?

Maybe the paths are too different for us. Maybe they are miles and boundaries apart. Maybe the paths were meant to cross only once. Once, which now makes me feel that it should have lasted forever.

Is the world really a small place then? I guess not and it would never be unless I bump into you again unexpectedly.


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