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Do you remember our conversations? Because I do. Every one of them.

But, I think you’ll remember this one. 14th October, last year, we met at that park near the hills? I had a really bad day that day. Moreover, a bad couple of days and I couldn’t shake a certain vibe off.

You, in your ever nonchalant way, greeted me by pulling my nose and asking me why am I being such a cry baby in such good weather! Truth be told, the weather was phenomenal. Trees were shedding their leaves and the ground was filled with their colourful foliage. The sky had turned moody like my mood and warned of pouring any minute it desired.

It wasn’t even a minute that we met, that you were already distracted and I thought you’ll take my mind off things! The fragrance of freshly roasted peanuts lured you away from me. I stayed where you left me, wondering when you’ll realise I’m not with you. But, you paid the peanut seller and started walking towards our spot. For a moment, I thought you forgot about me. But, then, you looked right in my eyes, from 38 steps further, and said, not in words, but, in actions of your raised brows and questioning eyes, “Why are you still there, come along!”

I looked at the extra-large bag of peanuts in your hand and before I could ask you anything, you said, “Are these enough? Because I’m only listening to you until these last.”

“What if I’ve more words than the peanuts?” I asked as I took them from him.

“Then, I’ll save the last peanut until you run out of words. Deal?”


Today, I don’t remember what happened to that last peanut, when did you eat it, if you ever ate it because I know I ran out of words. But, I never ran out of words for you.


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