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I didn’t realize then, when a certain thing happened opposite to my wish that it had happened for a good reason. I sulked and didn’t think of a single positive thing for a few days; maybe because I didn’t get what I wanted or maybe I thought (or still think) that I deserved to get it more than anyone else.

I remembered a thing which someone had told me a few months ago when I’d not achieved something I wanted, “Don’t be sad, you will get something better than this.” Something good definitely did happen a few days later and thus I started to look at the situation in a positive light to some extent.

But, today, when I go back and think about it, I realize that it probably happened for something good. Or maybe it happened because the universe thought that I already had too much on my plate and couldn’t actually digest all of it and this thing could have just caused the situation worse.

So, maybe, something good will happen and definitely I’m thankful that this didn’t happen. It clarified my perspective for some people.

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