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Real Time Reporting

The span of time media houses have to find, produce and publish a news in the modern world is very limited.  In the race to lead the competition of who will publish the breaking news, the facts and figures could be uncharitable. For real-time reporting, the media houses broadcast the news as soon as they are ready with the script. The information which keeps on coming, updating the current scenario is then informed to the audience and thus providing them with the latest and hottest information in real time.

In real time reporting, the topics which are covered generally are of conflicts due to terrorism or riots, election campaigns, and rallies, accidents due to natural hazards or anything which is happening in real time and has to be reported to the audiences. While reporting such incidents, the journalists should be careful to not to breach the rules of ethical journalism and conduct their profession within the humanitarian boundaries.

Incidentally, in real time reporting, the journalists might face issues when the information they might be getting from their sources is inaccurate which results in inaccuracy on the part of the media house and violation of the codes of journalism.

Moreover, the news we get through Facebook is most of the times irrelevant or unimportant as compared to the news actually happening in the world. We tend to forget the news article we read on Facebook and rather than creating an opinion about the same, we ignore it as if it never happened. Real-time reporting results in changing of news on every minute of the hour and changing of viewpoints with constant updates in statements by influential people in the society.

The constant changes in the digital media are also resulting in lesser viewership of TV in India.


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