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Sticky Notes

How many sticky notes does it take to fall in love?

1. For reminding to take the house keys.

P. S.: Don’t lock yourself out again.

2. For informing that you cooked food before leaving for work.

P. S.: Eat on time. 🙂

3. For the grocery list.

P. S.: Bread, butter, milk is over.

4. For the messy bed.

P. S.: I swear I’ll not throw the towel on the bed and socks in the basin.

5. For the sorry on the chocolate cake.

P. S.: I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Let’s talk?

6. For all the times you’ve torn the sticky notes, because words couldn’t justify the feelings.

P. S.: I wish you were here.

7. For all the times you couldn’t find a sticky note because all of them are now on the fridge with funny things you both said randomly.

P. S.: Hey, hi? Main bola hey!

8. For all the times it felt like losing but you were winning apparently. Hearts and moments. Scribbling one sticky note at a time.

P. S.: ❤


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