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i) The moment I started losing him,

I realised he had made no promises to stay.

But, he didn’t really go,

He came back,

Like rains every year,

For four months of the twelve,

Bliss at first,

Baffling later.

ii) The moment I realised I was wrong,

Blinded in trust,

Dumb in believing it,

Ignorant of the reality,

He was already gone.

Or rather he never stayed.

The fault was mine,

I should have seen the signs.

But, they all led the wrong way anyway.

iii) The moment I met him,

It was too late,

For it was ending,

All so soon,

Or probably we were meant to meet then,

When life was confusing,

But we were not,

Yet we never caught up with each other,

Leaving me wondering,

What would have happened if we had met before I was blind, dumb and ignorant.

iv) He was too good to be true.

Just too good to exist in this world.

This time, I got caught up,

Hopelessly hoping for a change,

Looking for signs all the time,

And they were there,

But not him.

Why did he leave so soon?

Will he come back?

Who knows.

But, even if he does,

I don’t live at the same address as before now.

v) He came with no signs.

No warnings.

No notice.

Just walked in as if he belonged in the moment.

And the moment never felt so real.

So effortless.

Just at the right time,

When I was looking out of my window,

For a soul as mysterious as his,

For a heart as honest as his.

So, as a pattern that has been there since ages,

I tend to think he’ll leave,

Which he might,

Which he is,

But this time,

This one time,

I pray,

He doesn’t.

For there’s magic in the way he sees,

Though he came unannounced,

I hope he stays,

As long as the world goes on.

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