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Story of a Place.

​The last time I went there, I wanted to run away from the unknown lanes. Every single brick on the numerous buildings screamed to me to go back from where I had come.

Even before reaching the place my mind was yelling at me to go back. Yet, I walked and walked and walked thinking about the answers to the questions my head was throwing at me. No, I didn’t get the answers by going out and having my own time like people suggested I would have. I didn’t get a single answer to my question but thousand new questions popped in my head making it spin.

Before I had a real bad break down in an unknown place I decided that going back was the only option available. No, I didn’t lose the battle. Not so soon.

Months later, going back to same place I was filled with the feeling of optimism and felt a little nervous because of my previous visit. This time around, the bricks didn’t scream at me nor did they welcome me as such. Maybe they didn’t see that I was the same person or was I? Maybe not.

I didn’t have any questions today nor I was in need of any answers. I wasn’t roaming because I wanted to clear my head and arrive at a conclusion. I was there because I hadn’t given up. Not so soon. Not just yet.

Places do teach you a lot of things. But, not when you need to learn them. They teach you when they want you to learn them.

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