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Summery Monsoon 

So, I waited and looked around,

The sun was over the head and the shadows were under the feet,

Everyone had shades to protect their eyes,

And scarves to cover their heads,

Still, the sweat dripped from their foreheads like a saline drip.

I was there too, but standing under the shade, Where a cool breeze blew every now and then,

and I don’t think I broke a drop of sweat standing there.

It clicked to me then, What if instead of the summer heat,

It was raining and the clouds filled the now clear sky creating darkness around.

The temperature would be cooler definitely,

Without the scarves and the shades,

But, umbrellas and raincoats instead.

From the shelter of the roof I’m standing under there would be water drops trickling down, The wind blowing would cause the rain enter the shelter,

And I would get a splash of water on my face too,

I know, I would smile when that would happen,

Because, why not?

Have you ever imagined something like this?


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