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That Thing - Life?

What if we could see the stars, moon, the nothern lights, planets and the entirety of the Milky Way only on one day of the year?

Like, say our birthday. Wouldn't that make our birthday extra special?

And what if, the year we don't see the night sky glimmering with stars, planets and the cosmos, on our birthday, it would be a sign. A sign that we are going to die that year. It could be in the next 365 days or the next day. No one knows that, but we'll know, that this is it. The end is near. A lot near than we would have expected.

How many of us would leave out corporate jobs that year? Now, knowing that we probably have less time than ever. Death is inevitable and unexpected, yes. But, this would simply make it realer than ever.

What if you die the next day? Will you be happy to live the life you have lived till then?

Will you be satisfied?

What more you could have done , who would you have spent more time with? Is the last conversation you had with your friends and family is the conversation you want them to leave with? What more you want to tell them? What more you would do to make your life worthwhile? Is it already worthwhile?

Is your now worth it? Even if we see the moon and stars almost every day, we can die today or tomorrow, with or without any explanation, right?

Will everything you have done till now worth it for you? What do you wish to do more and why aren't you doing it? What's stopping you? Life? That thing which might be over in seconds? That thing, really?


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