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The Better Way – 2

She looks at me as if she can read the million thoughts running in my mind and it’s frightening because I don’t want her to know how much I’m scared to lose her. Not yet, at least.

She talks to me as if she knows what I’m going to say next and it’s impressive until she guesses that I’m reluctant to say few things. Not that I don’t want to. But, I don’t want her to run away. Not yet, at least.

She is with me as if she hasn’t got anyone else and it’s warming but she doesn’t know how cold my heart could be. She’s like the warmth of the sun on a winter afternoon, soothing to the soul and I’m like the chilly, foggy winter mornings, heartless and cold. Not that I want to be cold to her. Not yet, not ever.

How do I tell her about the thoughts I have in the middle of the night which wake me up in the middle of the night until I hear your soft lullaby and I know I’ll be alright until you’re there by my side.


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