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The Bigger Picture

We go back to those moments,

When we are entirely detached,

From the obviousness of,

What the future holds.

To live completely, solely,

In that moment itself,

Creating unknown patterns,

For the life to follow.

Then, after 18 years or so,

When you find that corner,

Of memories and the park,

Where you fell and broke apart,

Then, the entire life seems so wholesome.

Rather than a circle,

Of mundane days and sleepless nights,

For these are the moments,

That will lead you to you,

A you of the future,

Entirely attached,

From the obviousness of the past you.

image from pexels.

live, today, as if tomorrow doesn’t exist. live, today, like the six-year-old you would love to. love, today, unapologetically.

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