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The Sleeping City 

The city is asleep,

The roads soundlessly empty,

The known streets seem unknown,

Underneath the moon flying we are,

In search of destination unconsciously.

You don’t want me to go,

You say this despite you let me go,

Asking me about lanes which I no longer remember,

Under the stance of the cold December.

Damn, they all look the same,

I hope I could stop this and wish for some rain,

As merry as it would be,

Anyway the city is asleep,

What harm could it do?

The clock strikes midnight,

The fairy godmother waves a wand,

Still, we are lost,

On the roads soundlessly empty.

Oh, can you believe,

It wasn’t just the magic,

Which kept us together.

The spell broken,

Yet we are together,

Oh, the empty roads of the city,

You’ll forever be in my memory.


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