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The Wolf Pack

The moon shined bright that night spreading its glitter all over the place.

The walk once meant for leisure was going to turn into something unexpected and adventurous.

The howls came first. The sound of footsteps next. By the time I realized that they were not alone and there was no where I could go, they were almost in front of me.

Their shape silhouetted by the moon’s light, the stance arrogant and attacking, I was just few steps away from being devoured for trespassing.

The head of the pack advanced, magically a stick appeared in my hand, I swung it hard at him when he pounced at me, not hurting him even a little.

Surrounded now, amongst the pack, almost dead, almost given up, the only thing I knew was I want to be this pack’s leader.

After scratches and bruises, I became a warrior, a mess, a lover of moon light and trees.

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