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The Wrong Turn

They say,

Sometimes even the wrong trains,

Lead you to the right destination.

You remember,

How in the movie The Lunchbox,

Saajan Fernandez, played by Irrfan Khan,

Received a wrong lunchbox from Ila,

And they continued to talk via letters?

Why do you think they did it?

Saajan could have stopped,

Or Ila could be a bad cook,

But, in something wrong,

They found something right.

Maybe a little peace,

From the fast running city.

Maybe a little silence,

In all the noise of their head.

Maybe a little connection,

In all the food that they shared.

Via letters and conversations,

Via minds and hearts,

Via dabbawalas and wrong deliverers.

So, maybe you should take that turn,

That seems a little wrong,

Maybe, just maybe,

You'll reach where you always wanted to.


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