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Too Good At Goodbyes

Tell me if you don’t need me anymore,

I won’t say a word, I’ll leave.

If all the things you loved about me,

Make you cringe now,

Tell me, I’ll leave.

If all my conversations,

Makes you a prisoner,

Tell me, I’ll make you free.

If all my words,

Hurt you now,

Tell me, I’ll not speak.

If all of me,

Is not all of you,

Tell me, I’ll leave.

Because, I’m good at goodbyes,

For I’ve said it to far too many people,

For I’ll tell you goodbye,

Than wait for my heart to suffer,

For I don’t deserve a hello,

If you want to say goodbye,

For I want to stay in places I’m loved,

Rather than a place where you want to say goodbye.

This idea was in my mind since a week and today just felt the right day to write about it. Blog title is inspired by Sam Smith’s amazing song, Too Good At Goodbyes. ❤️

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