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I had a strong urge to turn off my alarm this morning at 5 AM and doze off to sleep for the next few hours and then read a book while having a brunch and completing my work for the college magazine.

Instead, I turned off the alarm, got out of the bed and breathing in the chill air of the early morning. In those chilled air, I could smell something dreadful. Boosting myself up, I got ready and got out of the house with a lonely chill around myself. Shrugging it, I almost reached my destination.

He ran towards his destination, I let him do that. For I knew we were meant to meet not just for a fleeting moment.

I found this unexpected thing happening which completely changed my mood. It was a series of happy things until i reached back home and I surrounded myself in the negative if the negatives and slipped my self in the worst of the worst moods.

I was thinking to write a good poem on today’s event, but my mood will not allow me to do that. Happy weekend, guys!


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