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Uninvited and Unapologetic

My sister tells me it’s not a sign that I see your name at every place I look.

She says, it’s a phenomenon I keep referring to quite often.

The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon which increases my awareness of finding your name everywhere, making me believe it’s actually happening like a sign from the universe. But, in reality it is just my brain reinforcing your thoughts over and over again. An illusion.

But, it wasn’t an illusion, was it? When you told me to just hold on to you for a little while longer on that cold morning before we went on separate ways?

Hold on, when I was all ready to let go.

Hold on, as I shivered, a little because of the cold and a lot because you won’t hold on to me like this forever.

Hold on, to believe that this is actually happening and is not just a mind trick my own mind is playing on me in the name of Baader Meinhof Phenomenon.

So, I held on to you and you to me.

Until our hearts synced their beats.

Until we had to let go.

Until it was time to come back to reality.

Until I didn’t think it will come back to me in the form of a phenomenon.

Uninvited and Unapologetic.

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