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Us, At Ease

The rain now is not as angry as you are,

The thunder silently rumbling far away,

The darkness of the sky remains,

Spreading the night over the bay.

I toss and turn,

Towards and away from you,

Wanting to wake you up,

Make you sing for me a song or two.

But I only see,

How silently you breathe,

Your chest rising rhythmically,

With every heart beat.

The time keeps going by,

And sleep seems far away,

I keep thinking about you leaving then,

Even when you’re here to stay.

You wake up mumbling my name,

Calling me your sweet babe,

I smile as you hold me,

Closer to you with no escape.

The heart beats faster,

As you breathe down my shoulder,

Your body keeping me warmer,

With every moment making us older.

As the dawn breaks in,

The rain comes to cease,

Only love remains,

Like droplets on fresh leaves.

The smell of your coffee,

And the slight morning breeze,

With your happy face and eyes meek,

Puts everything at ease.

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