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War With My Own Self

I love when I go to a war against my own self.

I love when my heart says to just go for it, be careless and love everyone and anyone endlessly and the mind argues against it. Being all logical and sensible reminding me of all the sad days I (my mind) dealt with after the heart realized that the love was not worth the efforts, poems and time.

I then love when the heart becomes all defensive and says that now when it has moved on (with lots of persuasion from the logical lectures of the mind) is the chance to fall back in love again and give it another shot. Oh, and the heart also says, this time it feels real. (Hahahaha hah)

I then love how the mind laughs on the heart (like you all did) and tells it, damn, you haven’t learnt your lesson yet? Come on, I can’t handle your already broken pieces anymore.

On which the heart laughs and says that isn’t that the best part? That now it’s already broken, it won’t be broken anymore.

On which I actually laugh and wear it on my sleeve again.


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