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Water woes.


Water is one of the most important component in any society. The major resource of water in India depends on the rain and the water collected in the rivers, dams and reservoirs which is used throughout the year by every household in every village, city and state all over India. Moreover, the monsoon season in India lasts only for 4 months out of the 12 months of the year. But, in 2015, the rainfall in the catchment areas was not enough for providing water to all the households and industries all over the year.

Due to less rainfall, the water woes arrived in certain areas of Mumbai including my residential area. Where we were receiving water for seven days a week in abundance, we started to receive water twice a week only for an hour or so. Difficult, right? We had to ensure that we had ample water which would suffice our needs throughout the ‘days without water’. Every bottle, every utensil, every bucket was filled to the brim with water. Even then, came a time when there was not a single drop of eater available to drink or cook food and we’d to buy water. But, for buying water, the shops had a waiting list! Yes, there was so much shortage of water in the area that people were actually having a waiting list for buying drinking water. It is not easy to live with little water in the summer days. The four months of summer were very full of complaints in my building and there were fights for who fills how much water and who got more water. This is a small alarm for every part of the world because there will be a day when the earth with be devoid of water and it’ll create a huge crisis or maybe a 3rd World War? Save water, save the planet!


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