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Why did I start blogging?

“Write every day. Don’t worry about it being crap, WRITE it anyway.” Forest L.

This quotation is so inspirational, isn’t it?  This was one of the main reason why I had started to write my blog. I just wanted to write some or the other thing every day whether it was a poem or a write up on something I did that day or talking about my experience in doing something. As you all can see, I go in and out of my writer’s block, I wanted myself to be able to write anything at any time, that’s why I started to blog. I am so bad at some days that I pity my own self! But, some days are not that bad.

Also, I got inspired by a person who makes vlogs every day. He says he wanted to do one thing he loved in his life every day and he loves making films, so that’s wat he did. He started making vlogs every day and inspired me to start my blog because writing is what I like to do. Here’s one of my favorite vlog, do watch: and don’t forget to see his other vlogs as well! He is #pistonhearted and he says, “Don’t be an oil can!” 🙂


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