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I want myself to stop from aligning the furniture in the house just because the floor tiles are not aligned and the misalignment is distracting me from writing.

I want myself to stop arranging the flower pots in the nursery just because they don’t face a certain direction and the misdirection is distracting me from moving on.

I want myself to stop grouping my lipsticks according to the colour scheme just because they are then not grouped according to the brands or the size and it distracts me while I apply the mascara.

I want myself to stop categorising the ketchup sachets from take outs just because they keep lying around the drawer and the mess distracts me while I search for the sanitizer.

I want myself to stop washing my hands 13 times in an hour just because I can’t get out the smell of blood and bleach out of them or is it the touch of your cold dead skin I’m trying to get away with. I don’t know.


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