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O rangrez, Teri yeh ibaadat,

Ek misaal hai, Ishq ki rango se, Rango ke ishq ki, Jo chadh jaate hai, Pakke dhaago par, Pakke iraado se, Yeh moh nahi toh kya hai, Jo tujhpar bhi kuch aisa chadh gaya hai, Pakke iraado se, Na chootne ke vaado se.


with hints from some of my favourite songs - o rangrez, tum se hi, moh moh ke dhaage.


Story behind the blog:

You never know what can inspire you to write and today's inspiration came from a reel that explained one of the oldest forms of dye - Indigo which led me to the artist's Instagram account and eventually to this photograph and his passion to dye clothes. I shared it with him earlier today and he said no one has ever written a poem for him and he liked it.



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