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Tips to have a good day:

  1. Get up when your alarm rings even though you want to skip doing the mundane routine. Push yourself out of the bed and don’t think about ‘I do not want to do this’

  2. Don’t fuss over your breakfast. Eat whatever is on the plate. (Yes, even if it’s a paratha again)

  3. Do the one thing you love the most before you head out of the house. Play an instrument, sing, dance, write, watch cricket/football. Anything. Just do it with full passion.

  4. Make a plan of action for the day.

  5. Be positive to reach the destination on time even though you’re running late.

  6. Do not panic at all.

  7. Try not to curse.

  8. Make short goals for yourself and try to achieve them.

  9. Live one moment at a time.

  10. Do not over think.

I did all the above things today and trust me I’d a real good and positive day. Yesterday, I was really negative, over thinking on many things and letting miniscule things affect me. This morning, I didn’t want to face the world again and yet I did the above things and successfully lived another day on Planet Earth.

Try, maybe!


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