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Absence​ to Value Presence.

When you are a writer, you never know when a good line or story can come in your head. In that one moment, you just want it to note down somewhere so that you don’t forget about it. Many times, you don’t have a pen and paper by your side and you just cannot remember the whole sentence that has formed in your head. Trust me on this. For this, I’d created a WhatApp group where only I was the member and I used to type all my thoughts in it.

I not only typed poems and random thoughts, I also typed what I used to feel at a particular moment. It was like a diary. Now, when I’m not having my phone since Sunday, I’m feeling a little incomplete. Not because, I don’t have my phone, but because, I don’t know whether I’ll ever be able to recover those amazing things I’d written. Damn. I miss it. Badly. 😦

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