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Attachments 2

The poems are deleted, as if the words never formed rhythm like the beats of your hearts once.

The photos moved to a folder named, “once upon a time”, as if the camera never saw you two smiling together and creating memories which will certainly last for a lifetime, but not in a way you thought.

The chats deleted, as if the most private secrets were never known to anyone but you only.

Facebook posts’ privacy changed to “only me” as if the you could really expect that the posts won’t come back to haunt you in the form of “memories.”

The long birthday messages on Instagram changed to, “Happy Birthday 🎈” as if you wouldn’t want anyone to know that you two were best friends and wrote the cheesy social media captions on birthdays for each other.

And, they called you the brother from the other mother, soul sister, best friend forever, true love and what all nonsensical pet names they gave you!

hahahhahahahahahahaahh, no one sticks around like you think they will.


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