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Beautifully Unfair.

Life is so beautiful yet so unfair. I woke up with a nightmare or a dream which I don’t consider as good~ Got angry because of some other thing within half an hour of getting up and then vented out my anger which I didn’t think I would’ve done in the morning. While traveling to college, I was just on the verge of breaking down but somehow Lucky Ali’s songs composed me. I instantly started smiling and felt happier than any other moment since morning. Finished chores in college and forgot an important meeting. Came home to realize that PC is not working and the system is corrupt & I’d to do an task which required a lot of patience which I didn’t have in the whole day and I didn’t want to do it on my cell phone because it doesn’t support the file type. Somehow I managed to do it to face internet problems. I mean, wow. My life is so beautifully unfair, isn’t it?


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