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Because Of The Weather

Maybe its because of the weather,

The coulds seem to have made a permanent home in the sky,

And the cold air complimenting it,

Has made this place just like a hill station.

And doesn't your mind dig up,

All the nostalgic memories in such a setting?

That makes you miss someone terribly,

And the retro Bollywood songs,

To lighten the mood further,

Making you believe that,

Every line of every song is just written for you,

For this very moment.

And the world seems like a movie,

And there's background music as you think about them again.

It could also be about the fact that we've been distant,

And all the above environmental and emotional factors don't help much,

But to make you think about them again.

So, here I am, not on a hill station,

But sitting amongst mountains,

Thinking about you again.

Song for the day: Ehsan Tera Hoga Mujhpar


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