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Bucket of Patience.

I must admit that I was a really short-tempered person some 6 years back. I don’t disagree that I don’t get angry now, but the rate a which I get angry has become very less. Then I used to get angry when someone tried to speak to me and I used to burst out even before they  uttered a single word. Now, I listen to what they want to say, nod yes or no, wait for them to go away and then breathe in and tell myself that “I’m proud of you!”

That’s patience for me. To listen even when I don’t want to talk and to do things that I don’t want to do. The biggest task which requires the maximum amount of patience is waiting . Waiting for the train to come. Waiting to reach college. Waiting for the lectures to get over. Waiting to get back home. Waiting for a miracle o happen. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting and waiting. Forever and ever which is emptying my bucket of patience.


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