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Bullies All Around 

Comment, taunt, accuse, blame, say no and it goes to vain.

Why don’t people understand the meaning of No? No means to stop doing whatever you’re doing because the other person is certainly not liking it. But, no!

They’ll continue to do the same thing again and again and again with even more intensity until it rattles the person to the core and his calm composure melts like an ice cube kept under the hot sun.

But, when the person who is now extremely tired and has given up on his chances to make things change with the situation does even a percentile of what he’s been receiving so generously throughout the day to the other person, he becomes super angry. Says, you cannot understand fun.

Oh yes, he does. But, not when someone’s triggering off him on purpose despite saying NO.

Damn, I’d such a terrible day. Bullies all around.


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